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Starward Nova Single Malt Australian Whisky

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SIZE 750mL

PROOF 82 (41% ABV)

Matured exclusively in Australian red wines barrels, this single malt was awarded Best Craft Distilled Whisky in the world in 2016.
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The Story

In 2007 Starward Whisky was born. Founded by David Vitale, Starward is handcrafted in the bedrock of southeastern Australia's wine scene. Vitale helped kickstart the Australian single malt movement under the tutelage of whisky godfather Bill Lark, himself.

Distilled at their facility in Melbourne, Starward Nova is a unique single malt, shaped by the hot climate and legendary red wines of Australia. The supreme quality single malt maker was recently crowned Best Australian Whisky Innovator and Starward earned Best Craft Distilled Whisky in the world in 2016.

For this whisky, Australian red wine barrels have been meticulously, locally, hand-selected. A collection of uncharred Shiraz, Cabernet and Pinot casks were chosen, kept exactly as they were when they left the winery. This preserves both the character of wine and oak which impart a wonderfully complex character onto the spirit.

Its brilliant auburn appearance is a nod to the full-bodied red wines that influence its maturation. Aromas of fresh raspberry and cinnamon spice mingle in the nose, giving way to more of the same on the tongue. A lengthy finish reveals more characteristics of those viticultural precursors: berry tartness, slight tannic astringency.

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