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3 ×45 ml vials of premium Spirits3 ×Tasting notes (one for each vial)1 ×Concrete coaster

learn as you sip

Access 500+ hrs of on-demand virtual tasting sessions narrated by a Spirits professional.

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Explore our curated worldwide selection, claim a full size bottle as part of your Membership deliveries or buy one from our shop at special Member prices.


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Master blending events

Blend under the guidance of industry insiders and Spirits professionals.

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Try rare Scotch Whisky vattings with our Deer, Bear & Moose line, unique American Whiskies with Barrel Picks, and absolutely inaccessible gems inside our Vault.

Co-create brands

Crowd-sourced Whiskey during a pandemic? Gone viral. Revolutionary ready-to-drink cocktail? Absolutely victorious! We believe your palate can create a gold winner.

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Get free shipping on qualifying orders (orders over €45)

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Choose from a wide selection of Tasting Boxes and full size bottles in our online store.

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Be part of a community that shares notes and opinions, and discusses Spirits with passion.

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Get themexclusive accessto all things great and tasty. Help them take their hobby to the next levelwithSpirits of their choiceor join in the fun with a dram of your own. Flaviar will help youcreate special moments you'll both remember.


Got Questions?

+How does the Membership work?

Members tailor their experience to their wishes from the moment they join by choosing their first shipment. And it only gets better from there.

Important Club announcements and new benefits are communicated via email and include the following:

✓ Any combination of Tasting Box or Premium bottle (Standard and Premium Membership plan only)

✓ 1 Tasting Box and Premium bottle of choice per quarter (All Access Membership plan only)

✓ Boutique selection of full-size bottles and curated Tasting Boxes

✓ Unlimited free shipping on orders above €45

✓ Free Distillery Tours

✓ Free online tasting events and webinars

✓ Access to Flaviar Member Select bottlings & Flaviar Originals

✓ School of Spirits virtual course

✓ Full control over Membership

✓ Hassle-free cancellation at any time

Members count! We constantly add perks and upgrade existing benefits based on Members’ feedback and experience.

+How much does the Membership cost?

Our Members have a choice of three Annual Membership plans to fit their wishes and expectations.

The Standard plan is €129 per year

The Premium plan is €229 per year

The All Access plan is €299 per year.

They come with different Spirits deliveries, but they all offer all of the regular Member benefits.

We’re here to help you try new things more often, so choose wisely ;)

+What happens when my annual Membership is up?

All plans are set to renew automatically unless canceled by the Member.

You may cancel your Membership within 3-days after becoming a Member for a full refund by completing the cancellation process found on your Membership page. Any benefits used during this period will be withheld from the refund.

+What benefits do I get with the Membership?

All three Annual Membership plans offer several very tangible (and tasty) benefits that will help you get the most out of your “Spiritual exploration”.

Depending on your chosen plan, you’ll have a choice of any combination of Tasting Boxes and bottles. Only once you choose them, they’ll be sent to you—we can’t take the fun part away from you :). If you don’t claim them, they will wait for you, until you decide to do so. Your current Spirits delivery status will be visible in your Membership tab in your user account.

Other Membership benefits, such as access to virtual tasting events, distillery tours, on-demand video tastings, free shipping on qualifying orders, School of Spirits, reviews, etc. will be available to you at any time throughout your Membership period.

+What is included in a Tasting Box?

Our award-winning Tasting Boxes are the stuff of legends—legendary Spirits, that is!

The main goal of the Tasting Box is to help you discover new Spirits, so they’re themed to showcase specific categories, flavors, or any other angles you want to explore.

Each Tasting Box packs:

3x 45 ml (1.5 oz.) curated premium Spirit samplesTasting notes for each sample including our own Flavor SpiralTMA unique Flaviar concrete coasterQR code with access to a guided on-demand tasting of the Box*

* Currently available only with certain Tasting Boxes, but we’re working on expanding this to as many as possible.

+Do I pick the individual samples in the Tasting Box?

Our award-winning Tasting Boxes are carefully curated by our team of Spirits professionals and connoisseurs with a great taste for the good, the classic, and the crafty.

Each Tasting Box features premium samples based on a topic that helps our Members discover and explore new and exciting Spirits. Arrrr ye into Pirates? We have a Caribbean Rum-oriented Tasting Box! In the mood for wood? Choose a Tasting Box that features special barrel-aged or barrel-finished Whiskeys.

+Can I choose my bottles myself? Can I choose any bottle from the shop?

You choose your bottle delivery among our special selection of bottles. Don’t worry, the list is long, it features only the bottles worthy of your attention, and is refreshed on a regular basis—you’d have to be our Member for a very long time before you get to the end of it ;)

+How does free delivery on qualifying orders work?

Free delivery applies to orders above €45. But, all your Tasting Box and bottle claims are already included in the Membership price. How cool is that?

+Where are your services available?

Currently, our services are available in all European Union (EU) countries and in the UK (with no import duties).

+What's the delivery time?

Our hard-working Delivery Falcon usually delivers all orders within 3-7 business days.

Once your order ships you receive an email with the tracking information so you'll be able to keep on top of the delivery.